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 The Stringtown project originated during the spring of 2009. 

The Stringtown Project seemed like an ideal way to translate the kinship and closeness the players & their families feel towards one another into the music they create & bring to you.  Sharing an honest celebration of life and "the beat" are true pathways to joy and satisfaction of the soul.

Work on a CD began almost immediately at Electric Loom Studio.  Using instruments like mandolin, banjo, and dobro, along with the standard blues instruments like electric guitar, bass, harp & piano, arrangements began to take shape incorporating "backwoods" instruments into funky, swampy, bluesy grooves.  The end result is a fertile fusion of American Roots music combining elements of Delta & Chicago Blues, Gospel, Country, & New Orleans into one musical cauldron.


 With an emphasis on writing their own songs the project began to gain momentum and other musicians who heard about the recordings became involved.  Stringtown, once an idea,  is now a reality, a place & time for musicians of like mind  & spirit to express themselves creatively, like a musical family.

On 8/13/2010 Stringtown played the first of two shows at Bert's on Matlacha. They played to full houses both nights.  The seed was planted.    Seasoned multi-instrumentalist Jeff Jodice came aboard in December 2010 and  played drums & piano.  Mike Carrington joined a few months later contributing outstanding guitar work, as well as bass, drums. Danette Phillips contributed bass & vocals. The band released their first CD  "STRINGTOWN"   in May 2011.  Stringtown performed live on NPR in June and there are plenty of audio & video clips on the NPR  page.  The band also performed with many national acts at the 2012 Bonita Blues Festival in March.  Bonita Springs Blues Festival 2012 

2013 brought some new faces to the Stringtown Family.  Kenny Cox took over on drums and vocals.  Kenny has his own project called the Kapo Kings and Rick met him through that.  Kenny is a Nashville stage veteran who toured with in Steve Forbert's band & brings incredible drumming, vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, great songwriting & soul to the band.  Also joining the lineup is Jeff Brunderman who is an amazing guitar player & singer too.  An array of fine musicians continue to grace the Stringtown stage with their presence on Sundays.  Stringtown fan &  Veranda  manager Denny Genge hired Rick to play solo piano during the week  so you can check it out & listen to Rick's eclectic mix of songs done in his own unique & soulful style.  Stringtown received a standing ovation at the 14th Annual SW Florida Blues Festival featuring Johnny Winter. On 3/23/14 The band celebrated the release of two live CD's "A Month Of Sundays" & "Sunday Best".  A killer party ensued that day at Miceli's. The year of 2014 promises to be very busy one, the band has an entire original CD written and ready to record. Kenny finished putting in a studio so that will give the band two places to work.  Rick is also planning a solo piano CD highlighting the material he performs at the Veranda.  So if all goes as planned you should see four or five CDs on the Stringtown table in the months ahead.  During summer 2015 Kenny & Rick began a duo project called Big Sky and have been performing that every Tuesday evening at Miceli's.

Multi instrumentalist Tracey Mosely joined the group as bassist, pianist & vocalist. 

 CD 4  is slated for 2016 release

Big Sky released it's first CD on 3/29/16

Stay tuned!  Life is good!!!!.  And as always thanks for all your support!!!!

 "Music From The Ground Up" 


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